I was born in 1955 and often think, given that a railway line runs at the back of the house where I was born, that I opened up my eyes, not to the “tune of an accordion”, as Dylan put it about Joey,  but to the whistle and the rumble of a passing train. It may very well be true but how would I know. Ah well, we all create many myths to sustain us on the journey through life and the writings I’m presenting to you here are part of my own mythology, after all what is a myth but someone’s story writ large and passed on? I was born at home in Kilkenny, Ireland and at the age of five sailed on a cattle boat to live for a time in Glasgow, Scotland and surely even in that much there is enough to begin writing! Sufficent for now to know that bit by bit I am developing this blog to present my writings, old and new, poetry, fiction and prose, English and Gaelic alike.  Once they are here, well then, let the winds and tides of fate take them where they will. If you are reading this then I gladly share them with you.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi kevin,
    Great meeting you last saturday at Killinick. Enjoyed reading through your blog.
    All the best
    English Jon

    1. Thank you Jon, delighted you took the trouble to look through my blog. It was a pleasure meeting and listening to you, stay in touch my friend

  2. I am always humbled and touched when a writer/poet visits my blog, thank you. I too was born near several lines of railway tracks but in Quebec; my great-grandfather is from Ballybunion on one side of the family and I also am proud of both my Irish and French Canadian roots.

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