For those who love books, part one

At the Library, New Ross

From my window desk, perched

high above the grey slated gables

I pause for thought, seeing spires

rising above the town, my view

tumbles towards two great rivers,

joined now as one, gliding gently



I came to write peacefully,

to avoid distractions,

the well-known, oft cursed,

enemy of poets and writers.


Yet how can I ignore young birches

as Autumn colours grace their leaves

while they cradle in their golden grove

an amphitheater crying out for a voice

to proclaim aloud sheer joy that I live

near such a scribbler’s sanctuary?


The trees tremble as a soft breeze

flutters leaves, then wafts me back to

work where the very blood of words,

fresh ink, flows.



 Ó   Kevin Connelly 2018

Reading “Autumn, in a time of climate change”

A reading by myself of a recent poem, “Autumn, in a time of climate change.” I hope you enjoy this and share with friends. Kevin…




in a time of Climate Change.


released from

the endless rains

of that strange summer


are free

to be outside,

one again enjoy nature.


it is

Autumn here.  Everything,

although lovely, is changing.


the red,

brown, yellow, orange,

all the golden kaleidoscopes


leaves are

falling.  We love

all, knowing something else


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