The Dance of the Dragonflies


The Dance of the Dragonflies

over the lakes at Johnstown Castle
was sheer joy skimming air and water.

The green leaves by the waters edge
a textured backdrop to highlight
the dancers’ dazzling display,
colours as blue as the electric flash
of a kingfisher’s fiery flight
downstream, almost at the edge of sight.

Johnstown Lake August14While dancing dragonflies defy gravity
in reels and revels of their own
I am lost entirely in the moment of wonder,
lost in the dance of the dragonfly,
hearing again the heartbeat of the world,
flies, flowers, light, shade, all combined
in one glorious rush of summer,
leaving my heart dancing to
the beat of a dragonfly’s wings.

Revelations, a sonnet


3 crows

Revelations, a sonnet

Slowly most arrive, others not quite so,

rarely seen, that sudden flash of light;

more often our knowing takes time to grow

before the curtain parts, before dark nights

become then clear as brightest of all days.

Sailing by, walking on, dancing through,

chosen from various offered ways,

never to return, nothing there to rue.

Clearer vision then leads to clearer choice,

moments of insight, filled with wonder

can be heralded by a simple voice.

Seldom darkest clouds are rent asunder.

Oftentimes I heard simple sweet bird song

that at evening sings alone and strong.

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