Flash Fiction One

Click on the icon.

“Click on the icon.”

“Icon!  What icon?  There’s too many!”

“There!  Look!  I only showed you yesterday!”

“That was different.”

“Different?  What do you mean different?”

“That was yesterday, Anyway I have it now, look, see!”  With quiet pride in her voice she continued, “now we’re set.”  Then she groaned softly, “Oh dear, I’ve forgotten what I do next.”

This time her daughter intervened, having silenced her brother with a withering glance and a barely murmured, “shush!”

If their mother noticed she gave no sign.  Instead she peered intently at the spot on the screen her daughter indicated, reading aloud, “address book.”  She double clicked and leaned back, satisfied, when a list of names, locations, numbers, e-mails magically appeared.  As her son went to move the mouse she gently slapped his hand away saying, “no Tom, let me do it, you showed me yesterday, I have to learn.”

He shrugged his shoulders and like his sister watched their mother hesitantly scroll down through the list.  Their patience over a few days home tutoring was well rewarded when she cried out in almost girlish excitement, “look, look there they are!  That’s them, look!”  Her daughter Mary gently pulled her hands down from her mouth, drawing them back to the keyboard.

“No good there, Mam, come on!  What next?”

She frowned in intense concentration, “Let me see, I’ll double click anyway.”

They didn’t need the glow from the screen to see the light in her eyes when Jim in Australia and Kate in Alberta came on the screen.  The three way family chat filled the house with noise, with laughter

None of the children, home or abroad, heard her crying on the phone that night to her friend of many years, “this Skype thing makes it easier.”


Published as part of Kilkenny Library Poets on Board scheme

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