speechless in the face of storms

Speechless in the face of storms


We are gone beyond the wind whirling

words away

as she catches your breath.


So many storms, so much strength

to comprehend, now we require euphemisms,

duly delivered.


Extreme weather events.

After heart attacks I was later

asked about my cardiac events.


Wrestling with the wind

we are lost for words.


If storms no longer lash the coast

do they pummel, pound or paste?

If intense depression is no longer deep

enough is it vicious, violent  or vast?

If the seas are beyond raging

are they squealing, screeching, shrieking?


Gales, strong gales, storms, violent storms, hurricanes,

all distinctions blurred now,

words losing meaning.


We know the drowned streets,

flooded farmland, starving animals

stranded on new made islands,

we know what we see,

we know what we fear

but sometimes

words fail us.


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