2020 vision, or they still lie to us


2020 vision, or they still lie to us

They always lie to us.

When they proclaim they are

telling the truth

they act as if this were

virtue on their part,

rather than a sacred duty.

They always lie to us.

The wars never end

by Christmas,

there were no weapons of

mass destruction


the faltering fail-safes

often fail to hold,

situations being always

worse than they proclaim.

They always lie to us.

Drip feeding us morsels,


tit bits of truth,

is also a form of lying.

They always lie to us,

so much so

that it is no longer

a source of sadness,


the sadness lies

in how often we


how seldom we


in our ever and always


not admitting that

they always lie to us.


Keyboard Warriors

Here be keyboard warriors


Riding across the Great Plains

of Qwerty they are masters in the saddle.

Words become weapons to wound,

especially the already weakened.


Hunting down the honest,

targeting the truthful,

they circle grimly around

ready to take them down.


Here they make their vicious stand

laughing as you try to wrestle

invective, deflection, deception,

with mere facts leavened with

truths thorough and profound.


Against their legions of straw-men

you have but little chance.

They learned from their evil master

“if you must tell a lie,

make it a big one.”

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