Real Men Eat Quiche

Real men eat quiche, (love peace).


Gorbachev, Botha, Nelson Mandela,

Hume, Adams and David Trimble, for peace

sake would risk it all in one great gamble.


In these sad times others choose war, midgets

becoming mighty men in their own eyes

distracting their own with blatant lies.


Leaning hard until an old neighbour falls

to bully and bluster is all they know,

proving to themselves they have big balls.

They always lie to us

They always lie to us

They always lie to us.

When they proclaim they are

telling the truth

they act as if this were

virtue on their part,

rather than a sacred duty.

They always lie to us,

the wars never end

by Christmas,

there were no weapons of

mass destruction

and which is it,

that more of theirs die

than the fewer of ours,

or that fewer of ours die

than the more of theirs?

They always lie to us,

the failing fail safes

are never going to hold,

situations are always

worse than they proclaim.

They always lie to us.

Drip feeding us morsels,


tit bits of truth

is also a form of lying.

They always lie to us,

so much so

that it is no longer

a source of sadness,


the sadness lies

in how often we


how seldom we


in our ever and always


not realising that

they always lie to us.

This was published as part of Kilkenny Library Poets on Board scheme for January 2012

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