The Perfect Panama Hat

In pursuit of the perfect panama

Sometimes, it would appear, size does matter!

At least it is so, when from ear to ear,

there should rest the perfect panama hat.

If it is too big, then size does matter!

Flopping, somewhat like a loose sombrero.

If it is too small, it looks distracted,

in danger, like a displaced derby.

If a particular panama’s colour

should somehow be of improper hue,

like a fedora in the wrong shade of grey,

best not put on such improper display.

To search for, to find, the correct chapeau

is not a simple quest I’ll have you know.

Suitable size, correct colour must show,

before aloft this perfect hat may go.

panama poemsAfter all, along with colour, texture,

even down to shape, size also matters,

pursuing the perfect panama hat.

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