As down by ferryside

As down by Ferryside

ferryside stream

one day I lingered,
the stream from the dingle descending
blessed me with sparkling
waters pure. Wayside flowers
led my feet to the smiling

ferryside fisherman
hauling on nets of eternity.
Stream, flowers, sea
gather and guide me through,
wrapping me in Ferryside’s warm embrace.

last wave ferrysideHer beauty laid bare, not great and overpowering
but rather the warmer welcoming sort,
comforting in her comfort, soothing as her sands
shimmer by the last wave brightly sparkling.

old stones wood ironIn springtime sunlight her beauty in the little details
the eye draws out, hidden gems,
shells, old stones, rounded pebbles
nestling against old wood, old iron.

dragons teethPerfected by time steps invite me to pause,
contemplating broken dragon’s teeth
beyond, old stones above Llansteffan,
best seen from Ferryside.

curve of steelA perfect curve of steel
draws a limit,
inside this arc
hides gentle perfection.
Linger here awhile
my friend,
casting aside all dejection,
resting in bright Ferryside.

bright ferryside

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