Beaufort Scale 8 (reading)

A visual and spoken representation of Beaufort Scale 8, reading on the last day August, 2012

Author: connellykevin

Writer, poet and photographer. Lover of all musical genres, from acoustic to zydeco. Born in Ireland of Scottish descent and proud of both. "I sought a theme and sought for it in vain, I sought it daily for six weeks or so" WB YEATS Many of the themes here presented and to be presented have taken me a lifetime rather than six weeks. Some have taken mere moments to arrive. All are offered freely and it is my hope that you, dear reader, will gain something by browsing here and that I in turn will gain something by presenting these works to you.

19 thoughts on “Beaufort Scale 8 (reading)”

  1. Well..i always enjoy an Irish accented song..
    or my born..In Limerick..and every time
    i see images…like these..i wanna go back to his homeland..
    and plant a few feet ..there too…
    So thanks for an extra taste as the Irish homeland..
    Something about that place..makes me wanna go
    ‘back again’….. to see..’his’

    1. I agree so much, I love being at and taking part in public readings. I always try to remember that poetry, one of the oldest of the arts, was originally an oral art form, not only words on a page, thanks, Kevin

  2. How nice to hear a poem and those beautiful photos with it. It was a lovely way to do this. Makes me wonder about doing a reading in deep Southern accent….but it is true, we need to enjoy things now because one never knows….

    1. Thank you, as to your own thought, why not?
      I’d love to hear your poetry read alive. I love doing public readings or sharing recordings, poems always feel different then!

      1. The last poetry reading I did was ages ago when I was 25. I’d have to work up to it….but it is nice when a voice recording of the poet is included.

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