at the Arts Festival, Galway (Spoken)

Author: connellykevin

Writer, poet and photographer. Lover of all musical genres, from acoustic to zydeco. Born in Ireland of Scottish descent and proud of both. "I sought a theme and sought for it in vain, I sought it daily for six weeks or so" WB YEATS Many of the themes here presented and to be presented have taken me a lifetime rather than six weeks. Some have taken mere moments to arrive. All are offered freely and it is my hope that you, dear reader, will gain something by browsing here and that I in turn will gain something by presenting these works to you.

17 thoughts on “at the Arts Festival, Galway (Spoken)”

  1. Hello Kevin. Your offering is stunning. You continue to bring me such beauty. Your hallmark is one of truth and clarity. Thank You!~ I will take this opportunity to wish you, and yours, every Joy of this Yuletide Season, and a truly Blessed New Year! Mile buiochas, mo chara. ~Beannaichte’! Alicia

  2. this is very cool…love the combo of music and spoken word…one tiny remark..the piano is a bit loud compared to your voice but really liked it much

    1. oh my…just realize…i had another window open and the piano music came from another blog…so sorry…but still…sounded nice together…smiles

      1. I love beautiful coincidences. Being in something of a writer’s lull I turned to another form of creativity to keep the contact with the muse flowing! Earlier today I was practising acoustic guitar and the thought came to me that it would be nice in some sort of way to add my own music in the background of readings, how abou that. In the New YearI’ll try that out and take your happy co-inciidence as being a pointer in a different direction!!! Thanks!!

  3. ah this was beautiful on many a level…enjoyed the visuals, the reading…that old boat is pretty cool…and though there was no music, its the sea songs i hear in my mind as i listen…smiles.

  4. I am so glad I found this .. absolutely splendid to hear you read your poem; you take us there and we feel what you see..I, too, imagine the sea….have visited Galicia so I felt a connection to Ireland and the music of Spain and I loved that you included Edith Piaf….

  5. I thought I remembered this! It’s even more beautiful the second time around. I so enjoy listening to the wonderful lilt of poetry spoken with a touch of Ireland. A visit to your country is on my bucket list!

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