A spoken version of the poem, “To a shy and timid moon gazing hare”

This poem was inspired by a sculpture of the hare created by Aileen-Anne Brannigan, Kilkenny, Ireland

It was published in Broadsheet 15, launched during Kilkenny Arts Week, 2015.







All images used are taken from Wikki commons and are authorised for public use as far as can be determined.

The image in Black and White of a carved hare is a photo taken by the author of a statue by Kilkenny based sculptor, Aileen-Anne Brannigan.

The images where artists/photographers are known are as follows:-

Albrecht Durer, Feldhase, 1502

Haeferi, Cumberland Strasse Vienna

Hans Hoffman, Hare, 1582

Toko Furusawa, Le Jardin

Rob Bourke, Mountain Hare

A Thorburn, Mountain Irish Hare

Sidney Paget, Hound 35

Kitao, Trois lievres raisin

Hiroshige, 2hares, moon