Haibun on flowers, poets and politics

Narcissus.calcicola.7114Sometimes poetry occurs, then re-occurs in the most unlikely places and ways.  Such is the joy of awareness and noticing the little things which tell a big tale, hidden in plain view.  During the recent elections here the candidates placed their images and slogans all around for us to savour and enjoy.  We could admire the air brushing of faces and the green credentials of recycling tired old slogans.

Driving into our village one day I admired the sight of colourful daffodils, fluttering and dancing in the breeze by the roadside.  I loved the clusters waving like cheerful crowds beneath a poster proclaiming the merits of one of the more non conformist candidates.  The slogans were original, the views worthwhile, the flowers proclaimed their approval.


defining poetry, a haiku


conceived as poem

even received as poem,

otherwise, a duck