Activities Overview Three

Now seems a good time to update this section of my blog.  I write this in early May 2013. The whole blog project gestated for a long time then finally launched  in late April 2011.  Since my last update I have been, thankfully, both productive and busy.  I appreciate the time given to me at this stage of the life-span to write, in all it’s forms.  I have so much I want to achieve that there are times the day is not long enough.  I haven’t taken to getting up in the middle of the night to write, yet!!!

I continue working on all the forms of writing I practice, poetry, fiction, prose.  Over the last few months I have started writing new novels.  I find I love this work, the challenge of writing a coherent, readable story  is exciting.  I have stopped neglecting  my Walking the South East section of this blog, some posts from that will be ready soon. There is a possibility it may be e-published, I believe it is an appropriate format for that work.

Readings in public I love.  I cannot explain it fully because every time I read, “something” comes over me and it is as if I take off into another zone, another persona.  I also appreciate hugely the immediacy of audience response when reading in public.  It has a way of modifying my own feelings towards my own work.  I am always grateful to my listeners for that.

Twice lately I had the privilege of recognition for what I do.

Boyne Berries magazine in County Meath published “Notice that.”

“Layla” was a prize winner in the Irish Section of The Frances Browne Multilingual Poetry Competition based in County Donegal.

“Beyond Ailsa Craig” was Highly Commended in the English Section of the same competition.

There are a number of other works pending publication, more news to follow on that front.

I am always grateful to all the people who follow and read and comment on my work here.  It can be a lonely business writing and I feel your presence and thank you for taking the time to read what I write.  I am frequently astonished by the reach of this blog via the wonders of our modern age.  Since my hosts, Word Press, started giving their authors an analysis by country of our visitors the results have been truly remarkable. This blog has been visited by readers from over 70 different countries, literally from Australia to Zimbabwe.  Thank you one and all, keep reading, your friend,