beyond ailsa craig (spoken)

A journey through some earliest memories and across the seas beyond great rocks to a safe haven’s shores

Author: connellykevin

Writer, poet and photographer. Lover of all musical genres, from acoustic to zydeco. Born in Ireland of Scottish descent and proud of both. "I sought a theme and sought for it in vain, I sought it daily for six weeks or so" WB YEATS Many of the themes here presented and to be presented have taken me a lifetime rather than six weeks. Some have taken mere moments to arrive. All are offered freely and it is my hope that you, dear reader, will gain something by browsing here and that I in turn will gain something by presenting these works to you.

13 thoughts on “beyond ailsa craig (spoken)”

    1. Thank you Michelle. It is a very personal poem, encompassing some of my earliest and most cherished memories. I feel being brought on such journeys when so young began the development of the writer’s eye. You and I share similiar journeys today, travelling where the river of writing takes us. Who knows where?

  1. What a wonderful poem, Kevin, fully deserving of the recognition it has received. If I might raise one point of detail: sailing north up the Clyde past Ailsa Craig puts Kintyre on the port bow; on the starboard bow would be the Headsd of Ayr. I used to live on Arran, so I know the area reasonably well.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for that!! I spent a part of my childhood in Glasgow so that journey was full of meaning for me, look forward to reading more of your own work

  2. Ah this is so lovely and hearing it is musical. My roots are from Ireland (Bally Bunion) but never been yet I have been to Glasgow once many moons ago. I look forward to visiting and hearing/reading more. Blessings, Oliana

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